LA4College Athletic Recruiting specializes in helping student-athletes and their families navigate the college recruiting process. Most of our clients choose to work with us on an ongoing basis, but we also offer single-session counseling and ancillary services.

Comprehensive Program

Our ongoing, comprehensive guidance program is suitable for high school student-athletes who would benefit from ongoing support throughout their recruiting process. After an initial consultation with the student and parents, we provide an overview of the recruiting process; review and assess the student’s academic and athletic profiles; develop a list of schools based on academic/athletic/financial/geographic goals; formulate a recruiting strategy; create an athletic résumé and other marketing materials to be sent to appropriate coaches; assist with communication with coaches; help plan recruiting trips; give advice on scholarships and financial aid; oversee the college application process (i.e., Common App or school-specific application, standardized testing, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.); and help evaluate and choose among offers.

Assessment Consultation

An introductory assessment may be sufficient for some families to address their questions and concerns about the college recruiting process. While topics may vary depending on the needs of each student, in an introductory assessment we typically provide: an overview of the recruiting process; a review and assessment of the student’s academic and athletic profiles; and assistance in developing a preliminary college list, if appropriate. Prior to our consultation, we will review the student’s transcript, standardized testing record, and responses to our questionnaires to prepare for our discussion. We provide a written summary of the discussion following the meeting.

Ancillary Services

For those students who seek assistance with specific parts of the college application process, we offer services in our particular areas of expertise:

• Application essays – we give guidance on writing application essays and provide comments on drafts.
• Interviews – we conduct mock interviews with individualized feedback and advice to help students prepare for admission interviews.
• Financial aid – we help families negotiate the financial aid landscape.